Water cooling

996, coming off the assembly line between 1997 and 2005, represented a turning point in the history of the 911 retained all the character of its classical heritage, but it was a completely new car.

This generation was fully redesigned was the first boxer engine with air cooling. Thanks to the cylinder heads with four valves, generating 300 horsepower and was a pioneer in reducing emissions, noise and fuel consumption.

The exterior design was a reinterpretation of the classic line 911, but with a lower drag coefficient (cw) 0.30.

996 lines were also the result of the components shared with the successful model Porsche Boxster. The most prominent feature of the exterior were the headlights with integrated wink, which initially caused controversy, but were later copied by many manufacturers.

Inside, the driver had the experience of a completely new cab. Driving comfort now also had a very important role along with the typical sporting characteristics.

With the 996, Porsche launched an unprecedented product offensive, with many new variations. The 911 GT3 became one of the protagonists of the model range in 1999, which kept alive the tradition of Carrera RS.

The 911 GT2, the first car equipped with ceramic brakes as standard, was touted as a sports utility vehicle end in the fall of 2000.