The most expensive mechanic in United States

Although the cost of mechanical service has declined substantially in recent years, thousands of drivers are still paying too much money simply by not perform on time maintenance services, according to the latest study Vehicle Health Index ™ signature CarMD®, also it revealed the states where it is more expensive and cheaper to repair a car.

US cars are getting old

The study results indicated that the average cost of repairs caused by a light “check engine” in 2011 was $ 333.93, including $ 215.32 in parts and $ 118.61 in man labor (work).

These figures are 6% lower than the average recorded in 2010, due largely to the double-digit reduction in the cost of labor, a consequence of the shrinking market, although this reduction was pitted against the rising cost of parts and higher costs due to more complicated repairs.

The study of Corporation, which analyzed the results of more than 160,000 mechanical services throughout the United States in 2011, drivers Wyoming State paid the highest costs in repair services with $ 389.18.

Some of the explanations for this phenomenon included the fact that Wyoming is the state where two of the 10 most visited national parks in the country, also has remote areas with scarce mechanical workshops resulting in a tendency of drivers to postpone minor repairs and maintenance services.

That negligence of drivers Wyoming caused the second most common repair in that state in 2011 (5.72% of total) has been the replacement of the catalytic converter, which had an average cost of $ 1,030.63. Corporation experts explained that the failure of a catalytic converter is usually due to negligence in performing routine maintenance or minor repairs and that the high cost of this repair is because this service requires using original parts containing three of the most expensive precious metals-platinum, palladium and rhodium, so not many mechanical workshops in remote areas have them in your inventory regularly, which increases its cost.

All these factors contributed to Wyoming drivers pay 17% more than the national average in its mechanical services, including 19% labor and 15% in parts.

The rest of the states that make up the Top 5 of the most expensive for mechanical services are Utah (2), California (3), Montana (4) and Arizona (5), where half of the national parks is more Popular areas of the country with remote access and elevation above sea level.

Across the spectrum, Indiana drivers paid the lowest prices in the country ($ 283.95), followed by Maine (2), Wisconsin (3), Iowa (4) and New Hampshire (5). Texas reported the average cost closer to the national average ($ 333.75).

Most states reported reductions in the costs of repairs to their cars, except the District of Columbia, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah.

Other interesting facts about the Vehicle Health Index ™ estido signature CarMD®

In the five states where repair costs are higher – Wyoming, Utah, California, Montana and Arizona – air quality was a determining factor as neglect by changing the air filter caused failures in sensors flow air, a repair that typically costs $ 400.

Three of the states with the lowest prices are in the Midwest – Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Vermont drivers paid the lowest for labor ($ 98.90) Colorado rates and the highest ($ 143.17).

In Maine the average cost lowest parts ($ 175.91) and the highest in Wyoming ($ 247.70) was recorded.

The most common repair in 2011 throughout the United States was the replacement Oxygen Sensor “Oxygen (O2) Sensor”, which although not many symptoms of failure can cause up to 40% loss in fuel efficiency of gasoline, eventual failure of the catalytic converter and total engine failure.

The lowest to replace the oxygen sensor cost was recorded in Nebraska ($ 209.81) and the highest in Illinois ($ 313.25), while the national average was $ 244.23.

In Wyoming, the state with the highest costs in the country mechanical service, replacement Oxygen Sensor contributed to 10.10% of all repairs with an average cost of $ 233.92.

Top 5 states with the highest costs by mechanical service in 2011, Wyoming: $ 389.18; Utah: $ 378.54; California: $ 367.86; Montana: $ 364.29; Arizona: $ 362.65

Top 5 states with the lowest costs by mechanical service in 2011, Indiana: $ 283.95; Maine: $ 289.56, Wisconsin: $ 289.90; Iowa: $ 289.91; `New Hampshire: $ 292.66

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