The last air-cooled models

911 with the number of internal design 993 remains the one true love of many Porsche drivers.

The extraordinarily attractive design had a lot to do with it. integrated bumper highlights the soft elegance of its style. The front is lower than previous models thanks to the change of the headlights round the headlights oblong projectors.

The 993 quickly gained a reputation for high reliability. It was also agile, the first 911 chassis with new aluminum design.

The Turbo version was the first to have biturbo engine, which made him the lowest emissions engine train in 1995.

Aluminum wheels hollow spokes, never before used in any car, were another innovation Turbo AWD version.

The Porsche 911 GT2 was addressed to purist sports car enthusiast looking for the thrill of high speeds.

One of the innovations was the 911 Targa glass roof electrical slid under the rear window. But the real reason why diehard enthusiasts still revere the Porsche 993 is that this model produced between 1993 and 1998, was the last air-cooled 911 engine.