Sprinter van 2012

Ambulance, luxury camper, truck loading telescopic crane, refrigerated transport, food truck and executive coach. Those are just some of the many applications of the multifaceted Sprint van, a vehicle that includes all engineering Mercedes-Benz to accommodate virtually any application.

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The Sprinter Mercedes-Benz division based the success of its models in a highly practical design with the same levels of quality, technology and safety of its passenger cars, resulting in a number of vehicles with high usability for different needs and low operating costs.

Mercedes-Benz USA began offering the lineup of the Sprinter van in 2010, although this model has been on sale in the United States since 2001 under the Freightliner brand, another division of the German company and the leading manufacturer of trucks medium and heavy cargo in North America.

The Sprinter van benefits from engine efficiency BlueTEC Diesel Power 3.0-liter V6 that generates 188 horsepower and 325 pounds of torque per linear foot, representing an efficiency of fuel consumption 30% better than a comparable gasoline engine .

Coupled to the automatic transmission of five changes, the Sprinter van has a yield of 24.9 miles per gallon on the highway for the model adapted as a full-size commercial van.

As passenger vehicles Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van includes the most advanced security technology, including independent suspension on the front axle, stability control and anti rollover ADAPTIVE ESP, disc brakes on all four system anti-wheel locking force distribution braking and traction control system in addition to airbags for the driver and passenger in the front row.

As options, Mercedes-Benz offers Bi-Xenon headlights, monitor air pressure in the tires and the assistance system Parktronic parking maneuvers.

There are different options of springs, shock absorbers, combinations of the suspension system and anti-roll bars, suitable to right for each of the different uses of the Sprinter van point.

The Sprinter van, sold at 75% to be adapted to different uses transport or work, is offered in five different models

Cargo Van – n units in three long body and two height measurements for the cabin, the Sprinter cargo van is one of the most popular vehicles for transport companies of persons, services parcel delivery, dry cleaners, gourmet catering and florists, between much others.

With a load capacity of 5.358 pounds and 547 cubic feet of space, it is ideal for transporting any type of objects through their wide side door and the lowest access in the tailgate industry-wide level.

Chassis Cab – A highly flexible platform to adapt it as a work vehicle as a traveling workshop thanks to the easy to install cabinets especialziados tools or cargo spaces.

It is also popular to adapt as mobile home, ambulances, refrigerated trucks or popular food-trucks, in either of its two options throughout the body.

Passenger Van – With four rows of seats (each with seatbelts three points and head with protection system bullwhip effect) for up to 12 passengers, the Sprinter passenger van is commonly used for transportation in airports, residential areas or service limousine.

It is available in two sizes long body and two height in the cabin.

Crew Van – is equipped with two rows of seats to occupy a team of up to five people, leaving the rest of the available cabin to carry any load, tools or building materials.

MiniBus – Bigger than Passanger Van, but with the same general design, MiniBus Sprinter is available in four different configurations, ideal for shuttle service at airports and hotels, for its ability to up to 15 passengers.

The paratransit version includes multiple wheelchair positions, eight seats and optional access ramp through the side door or the rear.

Both Van Cargo Van Passenger as having a side door 4 feet 3 inches wide by 59 inches high and 72 inches in the high roof version, but with access from the floor only 19.9 inches. The Shuttle Bus is an automatic door two sheets 38 inches wide.

A base, infinite possibilities

The versatility of the Sprinter Van makes 75% of the units sold in the US are converted to different uses through the Preferred Upfitter Program, which includes a number of firms working closely with Mercedes-Benz to meet the strict specifications technology, safety and performance.

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