Scion iQ 2012

Has just 120.1 inches long, 59.1 high and 66.1 wide but is full of modern technology 11 air bags to transport four adults and yields up to 37 miles per gallon of gasoline on the highway.

Less more

This is the Scion iQ 2012, the first new model of the youth division of Toyota since 2004, with a direct competition with the smart fortwo from Daimler Group in the micro subcompact segment is opened.

The differences are many, and almost all in favor of the iQ.

To start, this new Scion model has four seats against two of the fortwo, although neither has much cargo space.

The iQ has only 3.5 cubic feet of cargo space against 7.9 the smart, but allows the possibility of folding the rear seats to leave a loading of 16.7 cubic feet.

Both are comfortable enough for two passengers in the front row, even for people who are over six feet tall, but another advantage of iQ on the smart fortwo is that the front passenger seat is located a couple of inches below that the driver, whereby the space for one of the two passengers of the second row, a concept Scion scored 3 + 1 expands.

Scion also refers to the Scion iQ as ‘the car seats four smaller seats in the world’ but their own executives recognize that the fourth seat can not be the world’s most comfortable for long trips.

To compare with other sub compact Toyota models, the iQ has more space between seats than the Yaris and almost the same as the Corolla.

As for safety, the new Scion iQ comes equipped with 11 airbags, including the first to be hit over the head of the passengers from the rear window frame, a first in the industry.

The smart fortwo, which has side curtain airbags style as part of their core team, received a rating of ‘Good’ in official tests and Insurance Institute Highway Safety (IIHS).

The Scion iQ, which is going on sale progressively across America in a process that will end in the spring of 2012, has not yet received the results of those tests, but its executives said internal testing exceeded their own standards of security.

It comes equipped with systems such as antilock brakes, electronic brake distribution, brake assist, traction control, electronic stability control and monitor tire pressure.

compact power

The biggest difference between these two subcompacts micro is the powertrain and this is where the balance tips in favor of the Scion iQ, which has a four-cylinder engine and 1.3-liter that generates 94 horsepower, mated to a continuously variable automatic transmission , which gives it a handling with great response, taking into account its size, although the performance of 37 miles per gallon of gasoline, is a little low compared with 41 miles per gallon smart.

However, the smart fortwo with its three-cylinder engine and 1.0 liter capacity with an automated manual transmission, has a management that is uncomfortable for the jolts of the motor at each change, which almost give the impression of being a failure not part of operation mode.

I buy it…

The Scion iQ comes with audio system Pioneer ™ AM / FM / CD / 160 watts of power and HD RadioTM Technology, Bluetooth®, USB and auxiliary audio ports, has a fixed price of $ 15.995 (including transportation charge and delivery), with but dealers offer a long list of accessories to personalize it.

There is an optional sound equipment 200 watts of power and navigation system with 5.8-inch screen that allows access to intelligent phone applications such as iTunes® and Pandora®, which has six speakers and external amplifiers.

The Scion iQ comes with full warranty of three years and 36,000 miles and five years and 60,000 miles on the powertrain.

The smart fortwo has several models available with prices ranging from $ 12.490 to $ 17.690 convertible and despite this variety, the Scion iQ is definitely more at all.

* Test Drives 2012