More than a century of development 4×4

The leadership of the Mercedes-Benz engineering systems four-wheel drive goes back to 1903 when Paul Daimler, the son of one of the founders of the company, Gottlieb Daimler, began working to meet the main guidelines of the firm to improve the management of all vehicles under any road condition.

Paul Daimler led the first team of development of the first system of four-wheel drive for a passenger vehicle with internal combustion engine, at the request of the Colonial Office in Germany.

The result of work done in the workshops of Berlin-Marienfelde, was a vehicle daunting as it was based on the chassis of a commercial truck that had 157-inch wheelbase, an overall length of 193 inches, almost nine feet high and 3.6 tons of weight.

The vehicle was actually christened Dernburg drive, six-speed transmission and four-wheel steering to do so maneuverable, due to its colossal proportions.

Dernburg several units were placed at the service of the Mountain Rescue Units from Germany and many were still operating after World War II.

In the 1930s, Mercedes-Benz produced a series of passenger vehicles with three wheel axles (the first 6×4), which led to the birth of the G5 Class.

Finally, the Mercedes-Benz modern with four-wheel drive, debuted in 1979 with the arrival on the market of the G-Model, which came with four engine types having a range pontencia from 72 to 150 horsepower, the same as convertible wagon variants as the wheelbase.

By 1989 there was a significant development in technology wheel drive parallel to redesign the original model, a project that was internally known as “Series 461”, which subsequently became the base model for all applications and gave way to the birth the “Series 463”.

Since 2001, the G-Class Mercedes-Benz has been equipped with advanced systems stability, traction and brake control ESP®, 4ETS and Brake Assist.

The résumé of the G-Class in more than 30 years of existence includes victories in the Paris-Dakar Rally, exclusive use as transportation of the Popes, hundreds of awards and recognition of consumers as the basis of the family of SUVs Mercedes Benz.

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