More power and efficiency

Honda Accord Coupe: The Japanese company faced serious problems in 2011 due to the consequences of the earthquake and tsunami in March that decreased its production capacity and cost him lose some of its market segment so the presentation of the new Accord Coupe will one of the most important steps to regain ground.

Infiniti JX35: The new crossover luxury division of Nissan was released in October 2011 to raise a little more the level of competition in the segment of family vehicle with seating for seven passengers, the JX35 has a V6 engine 3.5 liter engine that produces 265 horsepower.

Lincoln MKS and Lincoln MKT: Ford not want to get out of the lucrative segment of luxury vehicles in 2013 and it will present the new generation of sedan MKS and crossover MKT, which not only try to win families, but businesses taxi service luxury as replacing the Town Car, which made history in 2011.

Lexus GS: This is the fourth generation of sports sedan dela luxury division of Toyota, debuting at dealerships in February with a brand new image and technology. GS 2013 is the first model of ‘The New Face of Lexus’ and their progress will try to compete head to head with the BMW 5 Series, the Mercedes-Benz E Class, Audi 6 and the new Korean threat, the Hyundai Genesis.

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class: The new generation of the most elegant roadster and Mercedes-Benz will settle for sale in the spring, just in time to enjoy it with the top down. One of the most classic models of the German firm, will now be manufactured on a platform made entirely of aluminum, which is 275 lighter than the previous version, and will be equipped with a new V8 engine of 4.7 liters and 429 horses libas force to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

MINI Cooper Roadster: The MINI family will grow in 2013 with the introduction of the convertible version of the two-seater model that debuted in 2011. His first public appearance will be at the Detroit Auto Show 2012 and will be at a sale for spring as the sixth model of MINI since his return to the United States in 2002.

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