Mercedes-Benz C250 2012

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the Mercedes-Benz C250 2012 and is identified as the first model of the German mark with four-cylinder engine in the US market in more than six years, is the bad memories that he left that C-230 did not have enough power to please drivers in this country.

And the first thing you think when accelerating hard the new C250 2012 turbo charged engine with four-cylinder and 1.8-liter, is that this time, the engineers and designers of the Mercedes-Benz, finally achieved a winning formula.

Less is more

Of course when reintroducing four-cylinder engine to the United States could not be better, now that the price of gasoline is approaching again to $ 5 a gallon and drivers finally seem to be more accepting small engines , powerful and efficient.

This new Mercedes-Benz engine generates 201 horsepower and 229 pounds of torque per linear foot just 2,000 rpm, which accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than seven seconds, with the added advantage of yield 23 miles per gallon of gasoline in city traffic and up to 31 on the road.

Although the current generation is half of its life cycle, Mercedes-Benz decided to incorporate two important new features to its line C-Class 2012 with the return to the United States of this four-cylinder engine and the Coupe style, which now It has a model to conquer new drivers and compete with the BMW 3 Series and Infiniti G37 of models.

The engine is coupled to the automatic transmission of seven changes to the system Touch-Shift paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, which adds a sporty style detail, reflected in management.

In its exterior design the C250 coupe a new grille two lines with the emblem of the three-pointed star in the center and the new lights with LED technology, which is repeated in the rear stands.

Seen from the side, the new model mimics the sleek and sporty style CLS coupe based on the Class S, which is a great success on the part of its designers, it gives a more imposing presence even though it is a much more compact model.

Inside, the C250 Coupe 2012 has all the characteristic elements of the Mercedes-Benz, with the possibility of lighting in different colors, an elegant combination of materials and the latest technology in communication systems, security and entertainment, through the interface 5.8 inch screen with the latest generation of telematics systems.

Like all versions of the C Class Coupe, the test model came with panoramic sunroof as standard equipment, paddle shifters and wider than the front to enhance the sporty handling rear tires as well as practical utility functions such as backups folding rear seats to extend the cargo space in the trunk.

Mercedes-Benz offers 13 new accessories or additional equipment as standard equipment and five sets of new security such as Attention Assist, which helps keep the driver in his lane with vibrations in the steering wheel, and the team HOLD Adaptive Brake, which keeps the car in position even if the driver takes his foot off the pedal after stopping.

The optional Blind Spot Assist alerts helps with blind spots, while the PARKTRONIC provides guidance to calculate the need for parking the vehicle and the ATTENTION ASSIST warns the driver when it shows signs of fatigue at the wheel space.

I buy it?

The test model Mercedes-Benz C250 2012 had a base price of $ 37.220 price, but the addition of eight options, including the Advanced Agility Package ($ 1.400) and the Premium Package ($ 1.1995), the total rose to $ 44.835.

With this price, the Mercedes-Benz C250 2012 is located just below the lowest of its two main competitors price, the Infiniti G37, which has a base price of $ 37.800 with a yield of 18 mpg city and 27 highway and the BMW 3 Series starts at $ 38.700 and yields 18 mpg city and 28 highway, although both have six-cylinder engine.

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