Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC

Mercedes-Benz, which celebrated in 2011 the 125th anniversary of the patent of the original car, now it is honoring more than a century of vehicles powered by four-wheel drive, with the introduction of four models now have the legendary 4MATIC option.

2013 models are already

This is the fourth generation of the 4MATIC technology that was included for the first time in 1985, based on over a century of development of these developed by Mercedes-Benz systems.

Since the launch of the first 4MATIC model in the United States in 1989, Merceces-Benz has sold more than one million vehicles with this technology (more than two million worldwide), making it a favorite in the industry.

The Mercedes-Benz 2012 US line now includes 21 models -in 10 different segments – and almost 50 worldwide with the benefits of the 4MATIC system, which not only provides four-wheel drive permanently, but also it contributes to improving the management, security levels and even gasoline consumption.

Although the concept of four-wheel drive and 4MATIC can be associated immediately with the ruggedness, agility and handling off-road SUVs G-Class and M-Class, the fact is that this technology has its benefits elegance and agility.

The best examples of this application are the new four-door coupe CLS550 4MATIC, the renewed C350 Coupe 4MATIC, the E350 Coupe 4MATIC and even the flagship S350 BlueTEC 4MATIC, the four models that underwent intensive testing of driving under the snow, the ice-covered pavement and a track specially designed for the occasion in the ski resort of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The CLS550 4MATIC and S350 BlueTEC are already on sale at dealerships in the United States, while the two arrive in April.

The price difference with models without 4MATIC is $ 2,000 to $ 3,000, depending on the model.

extreme testing

The results of the test drive on the roads of Jackson Hole and tracks specially designed for Mercedes-Benz were really amazing, even for an inexperienced driver, since the sophisticated AWD system controls and distributes the engine power to each one of the wheels, depending on road conditions within milliseconds, constantly.

The usefulness of this system is applied in all conditions, whether the road is dry or wet, covered with snow, mud or even dangerous black ice.

It also helps to keep the car under full control if crossed on the road or in the rain, when it can have the effect of sliding as in a seaplane (hydroplaning), on a steep slope toward uphill or downhill, roads winds ground, sharp curves, potholes or uneven surface.

Of course, all models utlizados in tests on snow and ice were equipped with winter tires, which perfectly complement the implementation of the 4MATIC.

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