Jeep Wrangler Dragon Edition 2014

The Jeep Wrangler Dragon Edition, which received praise worldwide after its presentation at the Auto Show Beijing 2012 as a design concept, will be put on sale as a limited edition model with the positive reaction from fans of the brand.

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Therefore, the Jeep Wrangler Dragon Edition 2014 will be available in Jeep dealerships in North America this fall.

“Last year we present this model as a design concept and the audience reaction was overwhelming,” said Mike Manley, President and Ejecitivo Director of the Jeep brand within the Chrysler Group. “At the request of enthusiasts Jeep brand have launched the Jeep Wrangler Dragon Edition that boasts an impressive design and style that sets it apart from any other Jeep Wrangler “.

In Chinese iconography, the dragon symbolizes strength and power and is a figure that usually is associated with royalty and good fortune.

These elements have inspired the design of the Jeep Wrangler Dragon Edition. Available only in black color and as Unlimited four-door model, the car will feature details and reasons gold inside and out.

The exterior of the Jeep Wrangler Dragon Edition is black with three-piece hardtop, also black.

The designers will incorporate numerous details in satin and shiny gold color found within the slats of the front grille, around the headlights and the emblem of the Jeep brand.

Alloy wheels 18-inch five-spoke are unique to this model and are characterized by matte black with a gold outer edge high gloss.

The exterior also features black accents on the front and rear bumper, and model displays the figure of a dragon dark charcoal that starts on the hood of the vehicle and extends toward the driver’s side.

The finishing touches to the exterior include Mopar cap gas tank and a cover of the spare tire also displays a black dragon.

Black and gold accents continue throughout the interior of the vehicle being felt in black Nappa leather heated seats in addition to the scale of satiny golden dragon on the armrest on the center console and steering wheel.

Other special touches include black interior bezels on the instrument panel, door handles high gloss and a gold satin finish on the steering wheel spokes.

Complementing these finishes are carpets with gold and deployment of a dragon on the dashboard.

The Jeep Wrangler Dragon Edition will be available with a base price (manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, MSRP) of $ 36.095.

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