I buy or make a lease?

When it comes to changing the car arrives and decides what the next, the next logical question, whether it is a new car, must be: Should I buy or make a lease?

2013 models are already

And although the lease option is very popular for many years, most consumers do not even understand the concept that, like everything in life, has pros and cons.

Currently, almost 20% of cars, trucks and new SUVs are financed by a lease in the general market, but when it moves to the segment of luxury cars, the percentage rises to 75%, due to a lease allows make lower monthly payments in shorter periods, but at the end of the contract, as mentioned before, the consumer has no added value in the car (equity) and, or take a new car to lease or pay the residual value of the vehicle.

The main advantages

The main disadvantages

If realized, there are more disadvantages than advantages, but this does not mean that the lease is a bad choice in compraciĆ³n with a purchase or whatever – as some dare to assure a trap dealers to make more money.

It is simply a method similar to credit to purchase funding, but that has nothing to do with the rent (lease) of an apartment or a house, much less rent a car for a day.

No cheating or deception, but many differences to be taken into account to make a decision that makes sense, taking into account consumer needs, your lifestyle and especially your budget.

What car should I buy?