Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2013

Tuning inspired motorcycles

Veloster Turbo’s design is inspired by a high-performance sport bike. One of the most popular changes in motorcycles is the modification of the exhaust pipe.

Hyundai designers eliminated the trapezoidal exhaust pipe Veloster, located in the center, and replaced by two large circular pipes. These new pipes and new intake manifold also allowed engineers to give the engine a more robust sound, which will delight fans of motorsports.

From a more forceful frontal hexagonal grid, through the well-defined sides and a new and dynamic rear bumper with prominent vents on the bottom, the design of Veloster Turbo sum combativeness and aerodynamic stability when compared to the basic model .

A set of 18 gray-inch wheels with chrome recognizable style complement the Veloster Turbo. The front of the Veloster Turbo also features distinctive details of LED lights eight exactly, in the headlights.

Luxury and technology

Inside, the seats fully upholstered in leather with embroidered word on the backs “Turbo” contribute to providing a very distinctive look and provide exceptional support and comfort. An exclusive supervisory board gives the driver information in a larger, clearer and more interactive format.

All thanks to the two TFT screens Supervisory board positioned between the tachometer and speedometer.

All Veloster are equipped with standard safety attachments in the sports car segment, highlighting a system of vehicle stability Stability -Vehicle Management- (VSM by its acronym in English), which optimally controls the ESC (Electronic Stability Control ) and the “power steering” electric -Motor-Driven electric Power Steering (MDPS for its acronym in English).

The VSM works to control two effects. The first is when a driver accelerates or brakes on a wide surface (slippery on one side, dry pavement on the other side) and the vehicle wants to pull in one direction.

All Veloster have six airbags-including dual front bags, front side-impact bags, and front and rear curtain side air.

And to complete the safety package, the Veloster has disc brakes on all four wheels and anti-lock brakes – Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS for its acronym in English) covering assisted braking, which provides maximum strength braking when a panic stop, and electronic distribution of braking force -Electronic brake-force distribution (EBD in English), to automatically adjust the braking force on the front and rear axles based on detected the amount of vehicle load.


The Veloster is equipped with a seven-inch digital screen with multiple functions, which comes to life with a Veloster image and a unique sound, when starting the engine with three different designs to choose interface.

The system Pandora Internet radio provides custom radio stations created instantly from a single song, artist or composer base is integrated into all Veloster and can be accessed from the screen to download music from an iPhone phone or Android.

Other integrated systems technology to the Veloster Turbo are Gracenote improves how drivers access to / and manage their music, using voice recognition controls linked to your iPod®, an RCA cable and an electrical connection of 115 volts to support gaming consoles to achieve the best gaming sessions when the car is parked and also to watch videos on the screen seven-inch multimedia.

The audio system is a 450-watt Dimension Premium that includes a “subwoofer” eight-inch, external amplifier and auxiliary connections for iPod® and USB. There is also an interface integrated XM Satellite Radio on the main unit where channel logos and XM Data services, such as XM NavWeather®, XM Stock Ticker and XM Sports Ticker appear.

Standard equipment includes Bluetooth hands-free system with voice recognition, ability to “lose” an address book and “audio streaming”. The navigation system is optional and integrates a camera to visualize and reverse sensors alert when backing up.

All Veloster 2013 will be available in three new colors, including Elite White, Hydrate Kona Blue and Orange. Color options for the interior are Graphite Black or Turbo Graphite Black with blue accents, exclusive Turbo, and graphic designs

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