GPS, the best and worst of the industry

Navigation systems (GPS Global Positioning System in English) top the list of new safety accessories that modern technology has made it possible to install in cars and although very useful, some can become a big headache for his users.

13f. annual satisfaction survey of users of new cars of the firm J.D. Powers found that the Garmin factory installed equipment on the Dodge Charger is the best in terms of its use and screen size, ease and speed of operation, followed by Hyundai-Mobis installed in the Hyundai Genesis Follows Coupe and Garmin Chrysler 300.

In the bottom of the rankings remained the team MELCO Volvo XC90, the Lincoln MKX TeleNav DENSO Corporation and Toyota RAV4.

The results of the study conducted last October responses reflect new car owners 18.303 2011 with factory-installed GPS equipment, who reported on the eight common mistakes in navigation systems.

• Address / Street / City not found (33 reports per 100 operations); • Difficulty enter a destination (32 of 100); • Route requested is not found (24, 100); • Difficulty using controls voice command (23, 100); • Maps do not show enough you name streets (21 of 100); • There are menus requested on the screen (19, 100); • Point of interest or map does not appear in the list of points interest (16 of 100); • Difficulties in to see the screen due to the light reflex (14 of 100)

Here is the complete list of the results of the study, with the mark of the navigation system, the new car model that is factory installed and J.D. study score Powers.

* Test Drives 2012