Ford accelerates with new intelligent technology All-Wheel-Drive

The new intelligent system of four-wheel drive Ford (AWD), which debuted in 2013 with the redesigned Escape, has given a boost to sales of its vehicles with that option in 79%, more than 53% compared the rest of the market for new cars in the United States.

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Increased sales equipped AWD vehicles has increased throughout the country, including southern states where it is not uncommon to have snow during the winter, due to improved technology that not only improves performance but safety, regardless of conditions highway.

In fact, the system of four-wheel drive has become the No. 1 consideration factor for consumers when Ford considering buying a compact SUV in Northeastern states and Mid-Atlantic, far more than other traditional factors such as reliability, value for price and performance in gasoline consumption.

In total, 20% of cars, SUVs and crossovers sold in the US in 2012 had four-wheel drive, the highest figure in five years, according to data analysis firm sales Polk.

The new intelligent system of four-wheel drive Ford debuted with Escape 2013, is now available in models Edge, Explorer, Flex, Fusion and Taurus, which makes the Ford brand not fancy with more models available with this technology and started its sales with this system in 37% of the total in 2012.

“The acceptance of the system drive four continuous gates increasing in eastern regions of the country and around the os Great Lakes, as expected, but domestic sales have also grown, particularly in the Pacific Northwest states during the last six years, “said Erich Merkle, Ford sales analyst.

Although the new system of four-wheel drive has been substantially improved for 2013, Ford has not increased the cost of this security and performance improvement.

“Ford is trying to increase confidence and capacity to the desire of drivers,” said Mike Murphy, Marketing Manager for Car and SUV Global Compact platforms. “And while we continue to improve the technology, that does not mean an additional cost to consumers.”

The new intelligent system of four-wheel drive Ford analyzes the terrain conditions and vehicle acceleration 20 times faster than the average driver takes to blink, to readjust the distribution of power to each of the four wheels, as necessary.

This was proven in the Test Center Winter Smithers in Raco, Michigan (350 miles north of Detroit), where he underwent Ford Fusion 2013, the Ford Explorer and Escape scenarios where, for example, one of the wheels was on a surface covered with ice and the other on pavement, up a slope safely.

When the driver accelerates, the system adjusts the torque to allow the vehicle to climb without changing direction.

The new intelligent system of four-wheel drive uses technologies with sensors and computer programs that analyze 25 external signals, including wheel speed, position of the accelerator pedal and steering wheel angle at all times, to distribute power under any conditions, whether on dry pavement, wet, snow, ice or sand.

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