Five tips to save on car insurance

The search for an insurance policy for the car should not be as difficult as it sometimes seems, if consumers take into account five points always determine how much you pay for this mandatory requirement.

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Roshawn Hall, a licensed insurance agent in New York and seven other states, has years of experience in the sale of insurance policies and claims, and offers this list of tips to ahorar money.

Consumers always suspicious of the process they are presented with an estimate on the cost of an insurance policy and this is understandable, considering how complicated it can be, “Hall said.

One of the biggest problems Hall detected in the current market is the large amount of information available online that can sometimes confuse consumers and / or entangle in a sea of ​​offers that may not have all the necessary information, false promises and especially the slim chance of getting the offers presented online.

We have found that consumers looking for a new insurance policy for the car need to feel with the necessary power to control the cost and terms of the contracts added Hall. “There is very little clear information Online about it, but these tips are common knowledge among insurance agents. Surprisingly, millions of consumers who need them, they do not know. ”

Hall said that every consumer who is looking for an insurance policy for your new or used car, you should be singing these five points to make (intentional redundancy) that will get what they need at a fair price.

■ Operating History; When hiring an insurance policy is important to present all information on the driving record of the driver. This includes all traffic violations and accidents, with all the details like date and resolution of the case. Insurance companies may charge a “penalty” (Discovery Penalty) 10% for information not contained on violations or accidents, and additional charges for traffic code violations not disclosed. To avoid this problem, consumers should obtain an official report of the Traffic Department (Department of Motor Vehicles) on your driving record. It is also desirable to obtain a report on the claims history (Claims History Letter) of previous insurance agency if provider are changing to achieve greater savings.

■ Education; Although very few consumers take it into account when buying insurance for the car, the higher level of education, usually reduces the price of the policy. Therefore, it is important to inform the agent on all titles obtained to date of the signing of a contract and even on courses that you are enrolled at the time of signing. All titles specific to certain professions courses may qualify for additional discounts.

■ Profession; Consumers should be totally specific when reporting on their profession or occupation in a business suit, when buying an insurance policy. For example, the titles more specific terms such as (Financial Manager) “Financial Manager” can usually result in additional discounts on compraración with a generic title like “Manager” (Manager). The same goes with a title like “Nurse Assistant Certified (Certified Nursing Assistant) compared to” Nursing Assistant “(Nursing Aide). It is also important to report the change of work since the reoccupation can resutlar in an additional discount .

■ Credit History; A better score on the credit history, greater savings in the insurance policy. However, if the consumer knows in advance that score is low, you can reject an evaluation when hiring an insurance policy, which could result in a lower price. It is also possible to obtain an estimate on the cost of the insurance policy with credit report without him, and then choose the one that suits you.

■ State of the Insured (Insurance status); You may receive a financial credit or an additional discount if the consumer has another insurance policy for example, to the house, or if it is part of the policy of another person. This includes the insurance company if a company vehicle is handled as part of employment or even if the name appears in the policy of a relative or a friend, even if only for a day.

All these tips can result in significant savings for consumers, said Hall, who recently launched the website, where he published calculations on the price of insurance policies for free.

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