Diesel engines generate less spending than gasoline

Vehicles with diesel engines can reduce the costs of having and keeping them in a figure of between $ 2.000 and $ 6.000 on a periodio owned by three to five years, according to a new study by the Institute for Transportation Research at the University of Michigan.

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(Total Cost of Ownership: Comparison Petrol vs. Diesel): The “Gas Versus Diesel A Comparison Total Cost of Ownership” study, conducted by Robert Bosch, analyzed the use and maintenance 12 vehíiculos diesel and comparison with versions gasoline engine over a period of five years and their results were presented at the Alternative Clean Transportation Expo 2013 in Washington DC

“The overall results of the analysis show that vehicles with engine diéles can reduce total cost of ownership compared with gasoline-powered vehicles,” Bosch said in the study. “Estimates of savings range from $ 67 in three years to $ 15.619 in five, but most will see a savings of between $ 2.000 and $ 6.000, which includes the price difference between diesel and gasoline.”

The main advantage of diesel engines compared to gasoline is your best mileage ranging between 8-44% higher in miles per gallon, the study said.

In addition, spending on the purchase of diesel in the long term – which in some cases remains higher than gasoline mainly by tax- concept was between 10 and 29% less in 11 of the 12 vehicles tested in the study both analyzes three years in five.

Another advantage was demonstrated that 11 of the 12 vehicles surveyed maintained a better residual value and eight of them managed to double digits (between 17% and 46%) after a period of three years.

Nine of 10 vehicles maintained better residual value compared to similar models with petrol engine in the trial period of five years, and five of those nine diesel vehicles maintained a residual value of 10 to 39% more than gasoline.

Here are some comparative examples between versions with diesel and petrol engine versions, on savings on the total cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle for three years.

In the vehicle segment not fancy, the best examples were the Volkswagen, the Passat TDI 2013 served to recently set a new Guinness record with a yield of 77.9 miles per gallon of diesel after a journey of more than 8,000 miles by 48 states US.

Total savings with the sedan Volkswagen Jetta TDI. $ 3.128; total savings with the van Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen. $ 3.389; total savings with the hatchback Volkswagen Golf TDI. $ 5.013; total savings with the SUV Volkswagen Touareg ($ 7.819).

In the luxury car segment, the Mercedes-Benz stood out more than the rest with the following results

($ 4.175) .; Total savings with SUV Mercedes-Benz GL Class: ($ 13.514) .; Total savings with SUV Mercedes-Benz ML Class: ($ 3.063) .; Total Total savings with the Mercedes-Benz E Class sedan savings with the minivan Mercedes-Benz R Class: ($ 5.951).

Comparisons include Preserves repairs, insurance, maintenance, taxes and other related cost of owning and maintaining the vehicle rates.

More benefits, more options

“These results reinforce the benefits of diesel-powered vehicles on motor gasoline have been demonstrated in recent years,” said Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of Technology Forum. “These significant savings are another reason why UNB will see significant increase in sales of new models with diesel technology in the coming years

“Efficiency in fuel consumption has been one of the most important in the interest of diesel engine vehicles factors as they are between 20 and 40% more efficient, saving money long term despite the price of diesel is higher than that of gasoline

“The results of this study consider also will help consumers when choosing which car to buy since it is expected that the inventory of diesel models will double over the next two years.

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