Chrysler 200 2015 TOP SAFETY PICK + IIHS

The new Chrysler 200 2015, the mid-size sedan with an initial price from the $ 21.700, achieved the highest rating the Institute of Insurance and Highway Safety have passed the stringent new tests of partial frontal impact, a breakthrough compared to the model which he had replaced only score of “Acceptable”.

Good grades in the five impact tests, together with the optional system Frontal Impact Prevention, gave the Chrysler 200 label IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK +.

The new test partial frontal impact began performing in 2012 and is the replica of an impact at 40 mph when the vehicle collides with only 25% of the front surface against a barrier that simulates a tree or pole electricity, causing significant to the cabin and affects the response of systems such as airbags and seatbelts damage.

In that test, the structure of the Chrysler 200 2015 maintained the shape of the cabin, reduced the possibility of serious injury to a minimum and the head of the test dummy “dummy” was well controlled by the frontal airbag, which remained in the proper position to mitigate the impact.

The side air bag went off on time and offered sufficient protection to prevent head is struck with the structure of the car.

The Chrysler 200 2015 was rated “Good” in all tests of partial frontal impact, including the stability of the structure, the effectiveness of seat belts and air bags, reducing possibility of serious head injuries, chest , pelivs, legs and feet of the “dummy”.

In addition, the Chrysler 200 top score achieved thanks to the system has Frontal Impact Prevention as part of the security package called SafetyTec.

In track tests, the system completely stopped the car on a test at 12 miles per hour and almost completely in the test at 25 miles per hour.

For the label TOP SAFETY PICK + IIHS, vehicles must achieve a minimum score of “Good” or “Acceptable” in the rest of the evidence of partial frontal impact, side, in the solid roof, effective system head protection against whiplash in rear impacts and “Good” or “Excellent” in the frontal crash test score.

The partial frontal impact test of IIHS is much more demanding than those made by the Department of Transportation and the US National Transportation and Safety Administration Highway Administration (NHTSA).

The new generation

Chrysler completed the redesign of its model line in the new era under the administration of the Italian FIAT, introducing the new Chrysler 200, which is based on the architecture of Alfa Romeo and has more than 60 safety devices and technological advances, to be offered at a price that starts at just $ 21.700.

The Chrysler 200 2015, which was presented at the Detroit Auto Show 2014, will be released in the second quarter of 2014 to compete in the segment of mid sedans, one of the most competitive in North America with sales of over 2 million units . About one in every six new vehicles sold in the United States is a midsize sedan.

It will be available in 11 exterior colors, four different models -: LX, Limited, 200S and Chrysler 200C- two engine options for the first time in its class, with an automatic transmission of nine changes.

Power and Efficiency

The Chrysler 200 has an exterior design that also debuts the new “face” of Chrysler, with visual emphasis on wings logo.

The interior is finished with quality materials and will be released with two engine options: the Pentastar V-6 3.6-liter that generates 295 horsepower – the best in its class – and 262 pounds of torque per foot as well as the new engine MultiAir2 Tigershark 2.4-liter four-cylinder with 184 horsepower and 173 pounds of torque.

The Tigershark engine offers improved fuel economy to 13% more power (6%) and more torque (10%) compared with the four-cylinder engine it replaces. Chrysler is expected to reach 200 throughput up to 35 miles per gallon of gasoline on the highway.

The new Chrysler 200 is the first midsize sedan in the world with an automatic transmission nine speeds, as standard equipment, which not only improves gas mileage but reduces the frequency of speed changes associated with upshifts and downshifts, fluctuations that prevent fuel and restrict driving dynamics.

Transmission distributes all engine power steadily for a sense of refined driving performance and increases thanks to the relations between its gears are smaller compared to other transmissions.

There are options-wheel drive system, paddle shifters behind the wheel and optional sport mode selection operation.

The Chrysler 200 2015 was designed, developed and manufactured in Michigan, after an investment of more than one billion dollars in the assembly plant of Chrysler Group in Sterling Heights, Michigan, which at one point was about to be closed and now it owns now a new painting section with the latest technology, a new body shop and a new fully automated assembly line dedicated for this vehicle.


With a beautiful exterior design of flowing lines and clearly American-inspired and high-quality interior with attention to detail, the Chrysler 200 2015 shows the new “face” of the Chrysler brand, starting with the grille and headlights that are up for the first time and emblem Chrysler now places more emphasis on the wings.

The front and rear fog lights and LED optical technology will provide a distinctive headlights and clearly recognizable appearance.

The Chrysler 200S version offers a unique style – darker “sinister” – not found in other models of the Chrysler brand or the midsize sedan segment, as it has endings in color Gloss Black in the double integral exhaust standard aluminum wheels and 19-inch Hyper Black.

The unique design of the 200S model is complemented by a dynamic sportier than the standard model driving.

The interior of the new Chrysler 200 has a well-crafted interior finish, soft touch and composed of high quality materials and high attention to detail. The combination of colors and interior finishes were inspired by famous US locations such as the 5th. Avenue in New York, the city of Sausalito in California and the city of Detroit in Michigan.

The innovative design in the center console includes a compartment that can be accessed for both the driver and the front seat passenger.

The LED panel instruments seven-inch color allows drivers to receive information and feedback in the format they prefer, like an iPhone. In addition, it comes equipped with Uconnect multimedia system with 8.4-inch touch screen.


The new 200 has several unique security devices within the segment that make use of ultrasound, radar, cameras and other available technologies. Unique features in the segment include

· Adaptive Cruise Control-Plus: that under certain circumstances and without driver can brake the vehicle

· Full-speed Forward Collision Warning-Plus: a first for the Chrysler Group that provides automatic braking and, in certain circumstances, take the vehicle to a complete stop when a frontal collision appears imminent

· LaneSense Lane Departure Warning-Plus: This system sends vibrations to the steering wheel and warning messages on the instrument panel to alert the driver that is coming out of your lane. This system also helps the driver to correct the maneuver.

The new Chrysler 200 also offers the ParkSense Parallel / Perpendicular Park Assist system uses ultrasonic sensors to guide the driver in individual parking spaces. The function of perpendicular parking assistance is a first in the segment.

Also new to this model is the standard electronic brake parking – unique in the segment – with Safe Hold, keeping the vehicle stopped if the driver opens the door and unbuckled the seat belt while the front or rear gears remain activated.