Cars and motorcycles, a combination that should be safe

The odds that a motorcyclist dies in a traffic accident is 35 times more than the driver of a car or truck, and as the streets and highways of the world have more shared presence of cars and motorcycles, it is important that drivers cars and trucks understand and apply basic safety rules to avoid accidents.

Danger of Death to Volante

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF, for its acronym in English) is a nonprofit organization sponsored by leading motorcycle manufacturers such as BMW, BRP, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Piaggio, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory organization and Yamaha, and provides constant information to share the road and increase levels of security for all in the streets and highways of America.

The following is the Top 10 tips to drivers of cars and trucks should keep in mind to avoid accidents with motorcyclists.

1. More than half of the accidents in which a motorcyclist lost his life, have the participation of another vehicle, and most of the time, the fault of the driver of a car or truck, not the rider.

2. Because of its much smaller size, a motorcycle can easily get lost in the blind spot of a car or truck (behind the column of the doors and roof) or even be confused with any object or element of the horizon (bushes , fences, bridges, etc.). Therefore, it is important that drivers of larger vehicles extra time taken when changing lanes or turning at an intersection.

3. The smaller size of a motorcycle can also make it appear to be much further in reference to a car and make it difficult to calculate the speed at which it circulates. When the driver of a car or truck is at an intersection or leaving a parking space, you should always consider that the motorcycle may be closer than it seems with what accidents can be avoided and help reduce the amount of death in roads

4. Motorcyclists sometimes make changes speed down (downshifting) or fail to accelerate to slow down, so the brake lights do not light to alert drivers around you that are holding back, therefore it is convenient to pass 3 to 4 seconds to increase the distance between a car and a motorcycle. When approaching an intersection is important to know that motorcyclists can stop the bike without issuing a visual warning (brake lights).

5. Motorcyclists commonly adjust their position in the lane to make your traveling more visible presence or avoiding objects in the pavement or wind gusts of larger vehicles. Therefore, it is important that drivers of a car or truck know that these movements within a lane have a purpose and is not that the motorcyclist is driving irresponsibly or trying to disturb other drivers or making room for sharing the lane. Of course, the rider should know how to ride a motorcycle in town.

6. Not all directional lights auto motorcycles have cancellation system, therefore, some riders, especially beginners, they forget to turn them off after turning at an intersection or changing lanes. Therefore, drivers should give time and space to make about the intention of the directional lights motorcyclist.

7. Because of its size and the fact that only has two wheels, a motorcycle has more maneuverability than a car, making it easier to move the rider more easily especially at low speeds and in tight spaces, but the driver of a car or truck should never assume that the motorcyclist can avoid a collision.

8. The braking of a motorcycle is almost the same to that of a car or truck, but pavement conditions, when wet or resbaladizo-, can cause skidding tires and complicate the maneuver for the motorcyclist, by it is important that the driver of a car or truck away and leave enough time for a motorcycle brake front of him or her.

9. When a motorcycle is in motion, the driver of a car or a truck, you should try to see more than the motorcycle. That is, we must try to identify the person under the helmet, which could be a friend, a neighbor or a relative of the driver of the car or truck.

10. And finally, if a driver of a car or truck collides or runs over a motorcyclist or cyclist and cause serious injury or death, guilt will haunt forever.

Other organizations such as the National Transportation and Safety Administration Highway Administration (NHTSA, for short), also have abundant information on safety to share the route between motorcyclists and cars and trucks.

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