BMW 3 Series

For more than three and a half decades, the design of the BMW 3 Series, the best-selling German firm, model has undergone a constant evolution in which designers and engineers have managed to incorporate dynamics, innovation and aesthetics in a harmonious overall concept, modern and future-oriented, while preserving traditional values.

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As a result, each BMW 3 Series has retained its unmistakable brand identity and can be identified as a BMW at first sight.

As a manufacturer of sports and stylish vehicles, BMW had developed at that time a characteristic profile design with a body of three volumes, front engine and rear-wheel drive, the basic principle was established by the BMW 1500/2000 and held until today.

The arrival of the BMW 1600 in 1966, the 02 Series two-door that gave birth to such famous models as the 1600ti or 2002tii confirmed a concept that would eventually picked up by the BMW 3 Series.

The presentation of the first BMW 3 Series in July 1975 marked the beginning of one of the most successful stories in the history of BMW models. Although this model showed an undeniable aesthetic resemblance to the BMW 5 Series introduced in 1972, the fact is that this was a completely new vehicle with compact dimensions and sporty character.

The dominant aesthetic feature on the front was both the most characteristic of the brand symbol, clearly identifiable even from a distance: the double kidney grille.

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