3 million miles in a Volvo P1800

Irv Gordon, a retired professor of Long Island, New Jersey, became the only human being in driving the same car for more than 3 million miles, when the Sept. 18 crossed a point on the road in the village of Hope , Alaska, the only US state where he had not been with his Volvo P1800 1966.

The record of 3 million miles is equivalent to what would give you 120 trips around the world.

actual cost of owning and maintaining a car

“It was pretty exciting,” Gordon said. “While circulating kept my eyes on the odometer to keep this magnificent moment, which came at 4 pm on September 18.

“But it was not just the fact of reaching 3 million miles, but the experience we have lived,” continued Gordon. “I never had the goal of reaching one or two million miles, but I wanted to drive and experience life in my Volvo.”

Gordon could have reached record much faster, but executives of the Volvo asked last summer to come down the pace a bit to celebrate the occasion in the summer of 2013 to organize the trip in Alaska and complete the tour of the 50 United States.

A true love story

Gordon purchased his Volvo P1800 a Friday in June 1966 and such was his infatuation with him from the first moment, in just 48 hours had given him 1,500 miles.

That Monday was already in the consecionario for the first maintenance service, one of the keys to the extraordinary longevity of Volvo, which still has the original engine.

With his daily commute of 125 miles between the home and school to teach, their dedication to maintaining and passion for the simple pleasure of driving, Gordon added 500.000 miles in the first 10 years, more than five times what leads an American average (10,000 miles per year).

In 1987, Gordon held the “million miles” circling the restaurant Tavern on the Green in Central Park and celebrated the two million miles driving through Times Square to media around the world in 2002.

Since then, Gordon breaks records every time he drives his celebrated car.

A solid world record

For the record of 3 million miles the car was taken on board a covered truck to Alaska followed by Gordon, who traveled by plane.

A few days of driving got the odometer came closer to the magic mark, and the road leading to Seward was the chosen destination for the occasion.

The 3 million miles is the longest route that a man has done with a car, a record to be included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Gordon’s record has inspired other owners of Volvos to imitate him, but for now his feat is far from being matched.

The closest competitor is Selden Cooper, a retired firefighter Baltimore, who broke the mark of 1 million miles in his 1987 Volvo 240 Sedan on September 22, 2012, after 25 years and over 200 changes made oil religiously.

Cooper is the newest member of a growing club of lovers of Swedish cars with one six zeros on the odometer.

Cooper’s feat was also celebrated by Gordon last summer.

It was a real pleasure to be able to congratulate Selden in person and praise for the excellent condition in maintaining its 240 “Gordon said. “We share the passion for the reliability of our Volvos and thoroughness share for the maintenance regimen in addition to practicing safety care. In the end, [the longevity of a car] only has to do with the way the owner treats it. ”

On the possibility that Selden reach his record of three million miles, Gordon seemed not to be worried.

“I’m not sure that Selden reach break my record, but I invite the challenge with confidence,” Gordon said. “There is so much to explore in America and no better handle on it than on the seat of a Volvo.”

Cooper meanwhile, knows that your car can reach the second million, auqneu is not so sure it will be he who is at the wheel for the occasion.

“Maybe your daughter or son will replace,” said Mike Danzi, the Service Manager Lehman Motors Volvo, where it leads the car religiously for maintenance.

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