2015 BMW i8 Test Drive

Following the successful introduction of fully electric BMW i3, the first model of the new BMW I division, the German firm presented the i8, the car debuted in the film Mission Impossible 4 with Tom Cruise at the wheel, and it is a reality for all the world.

A glimpse of the future, today

For BMW, the new sub brand, similar to the division M performance cars, vehicle concepts represents projected into the future and the new interpretation of select quality, which is expressed through sustainability.

This plug-in hybrid vehicle (plug-in hybrid) is the sports precursor that lets you experience a revolutionary way of driving, while remaining true to the typical pleasure means being at the wheel of a BMW.

Its design, which remains almost identical to the prototype presented five years ago, he stirs emotions and their dynamic behavior is characterized by characteristic features of a sports car, paired with decent fuel consumption and emissions of a compact car.

The especially light and aerodynamic body, the modern BMW eDrive drivetrain technology, including a gasoline engine three-cylinder 1.5-liter, technology BMW TwinPower Turbo high performance, and the intelligent energy management, is They combine to form an assembly that represents a solution that marks a new level, achieved through the implementation of the EfficientDynamics development strategy.

The BMW i8, with interior plastic reinforced with carbon fiber (CFRP), sets a new benchmark in what refers to weight optimization of a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

This vehicle can be driven only with the electric motor and, therefore, does not produce emissions at all for up to 22 miles at top speed of 75 miles, but also has all the dynamic potential of a sports car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour (100 kms./h) in just 4.3 seconds, according to preliminary data of the BMW i.

Born as a sports

The BMW i8 was conceived from the beginning as plug-in hybrid sports car, agile and high performance and at the same time extremely efficient. Your LifeDrive architecture, specific BMW i offers the ideal conditions for obtaining a weight-optimized car.

The combustion engine, the electric motor, the energy storage, power electronics, all chassis components and structural support elements and shock absorption are mounted on the aluminum Drive module.

The main element of Life module car seats 2 + 2 consists of the passenger cell reinforced plastic with carbon fiber (CFRP). With this setup, the car has an extremely low center of gravity and also the weight is distributed between the two axles almost exactly in the ratio of 50:50.

This balanced weight distribution, combined with the low center of gravity, result in the BMW i8 is a very agile car.

The plug-in hybrid system developed by BMW Group and specifically adapted to BMW i8 represents a new milestone in the evolution of EfficientDynamics.

It consists of a compact gasoline engine three-cylinder with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged by connecting it to a power ordinary household current.

The combustion engine is rated at 170 horsepower applied to the wheels of the rear axle. The power of 96 horsepower electric motor is applied on the front axle.

This drivetrain allows driving only the electric motor, in which case the autonomy is up to 22 miles (35 kilometers) and maximum speed of 75 mph (120 kms./h.).

Along with the combustion engine, the car can enjoy the advantages of all-wheel drive, with more grip to asphalt, acceleration greater capacity and optimum power distribution bends dynamic and sporting manner.

The most powerful engine of the two applies its power in the posteriors wheels, along with the extra boost that is produced by the hybrid system, the BMW i8 holds that driving pleasure own brand, coupled with exemplary efficiency.

When mass production starts, the average consumption of the BMW i8, determined according to the EU test cycle provided for plug-in hybrid vehicles will be less than 2.5 liters per 100 kilometers, equivalent to 94 miles per gallon of gasoline.

Management for every taste and need

The BMW i8 offer the driver an unusual amount of possibilities to adapt to your preferences mode of operation of the drivetrain and chassis set from the comfort mode, the ECO PRO to SPORT, all with individual settings for all systems powertrain.

In addition to having electronic gear selector for the automatic gearbox, it has the Driving Experience Control button, used in various other modelosactuales of the BMW brand, as well as the eDrive key, which itself is exclusive to the BMW i8.

With the gear selector can activate SPORT mode, abandoning the “D” position automatic selection of speed changes.

Once SPORT mode activated, you can change gears manually and when the SPORT mode is activated, automatically setting the car is changed, favoring appropriate for a sporty driving style adjustments frankly.

In SPORT mode, the combustion engine and electric motor deliver their power in a more dynamic way, a characteristic line of the accelerator pedal faster reactions activated, and maximizes the effect of additional boost the electric motor.

But to always have enough energy in these circumstances, the SPORT mode also activates a function of maximum energy recovery during deceleration and braking.

Specifically, in this case the performance of the electric motor in its operating phase as a generator to recharge the battery rises, using the current obtained through kinetic energy.

In addition, the gear changes occur faster and the system Dynamic Damping Control, Dynamic Damper Control, as standard, a characteristic map that favors a car sportiness is activated.

When the car starts, the COMFORT mode in which a setting that favors a balanced driving style of sporty and efficient, and allows unlimited use of all comfort functions get activated.

If, on the contrary, pressing the selector BMW i8 the ECO PRO mode is chosen, the system favors a driving style that optimizes efficiency, in which the control unit of the BMW i8 deals with an operation coordinated as possible efficient combustion engine and electric motor.

In these circumstances and considering the dynamic situation of the car, the intelligent energy management of the vehicle itself decides if during deceleration the system of energy recovery braking is activated, or rather favors eldesacoplamiento drivetrain to advance the car as if you were planning.

I buy it?

The BMW i8 has a base price of $ 137.000 and has virtually no additional option. Its production has already begun and it is expected that the first units begin to be delivered to customers this summer.

In addition to the regular four-year warranties and maintenance included in the purchase price, BMW provides an additional guarantee of 8 years or 100,000 miles for the powertrain components encufable hybrid.

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