2014 cars safer

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and (IIHS) awarded its highest safety rating TOP SAFETY PICK +, 22 new models by 2014, which exceeded their stringent new impact tests to better protect passengers.

Another 17 vehicles achieved the rating of TOP SAFETY PICK, 2nd. better than grants, after conducting new tests partial impact frontal, lateral stiffness of the roof and head protection for passengers who established from 2012.

These tests include vehicle crash into a barrier that simulates a pole or a tree, at a speed of 40 miles per hour, but only 25% impact from the front, causing further damage to the cabin.

The IIHS said the new technology accident prevention using video cameras, radar and infrared sensors and can apply the brakes and even stop vehicle compelto increasingly popular hacienda is, so for the first time more cars qualifying TOP SAFETY PICK + that they achieved 2nd.

These are the cars that achieved the highest rating in the IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK + and those who managed the 2nd. best rating of TOP SAFETY PICK.

Note: excpeción of the Volvo S60, S80 and XC60, and the hybrid version of the Honda Civic four-door vehicles listed as TOP SAFETY PICK + qualify only when equipped with the optional alert system accident prevention, which is not available in non-hybrid Civic models.