2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed

The new Bentley GT Speed ​​with engine W12 6-liter, twin-turbocharged 48-valve, capable of developing 616 horsepower, now reaches maximum speed 205 miles (330 Kms./H) and accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.0 seconds.

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The new Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2013 will be officially presented at the 2012 Moscow Auto Show and delivery of the first units of the model that the British firm called “the fastest ever made” are scheduled for October.

To maintain excellent levels of handling high performance and luxury of the Bentley Speed ​​line, the chassis of the new GT Speed ​​2013 was reinforced springs, anti-roll bars and revised bushings. Furthermore, it is 10 millimeters lower in both the front and rear, and electronic control systems and address buffer were recalibrated.

And of course, this new Continental model has all the luxury and agility that distinguish the Bentley.

Its all-wheel drive with 40/60 distribution preference to the rear wheels, ensuring stability and ability to enjoy its high performance throughout the year, regardless of weather or road conditions conditions.

Some subtle design features distinguish the GT Speed ​​from the other models in the range, exclusive alloy wheels 10-spoke, 21-inch grid array Dark grille color, grid lower bumper or tubes escape with textured finish.

Inside the cabin craftsmanship of models Speed ​​has the specification of driving Mulliner, which includes details on padded and perforated leather and shiny metal, along with a wider selection of optional technical finishes, including now aluminum is dark (exclusively for Speed) and carbon fiber.

Despite the increased power, the new GT benefits from a number of technologies all engines W12 Bentley as a system of energy recovery, in addition to the new management system engine and eight-speed transmission, which improve overall efficiency in fuel consumption by 12% and 10% in CO2 emissions.

The transmission ZF eight changes was designed to handle the enormous torque magnitudes generated by the W12 engine, cuts acceleration times by ensuring that the engine works always ideal to provide maximum torque speed.

This advanced transmission technology also has “shifting blocks” for example able to move directly from the 8th to 4th gear up and get an instant response and thunderous acceleration.

To control all this power, the new GT Speed ​​incorporated into his security, ventilated brake discs cast iron 405 mm in diameter at the front and 335 mm axle at the rear axle and a eight-piston calipers that provide a excellent braking power.

The limits of braking capacity can be expanded further by incorporating carbon discs / silicon carbide (CSIC) with transverse bores 420 mm in diameter on the front axle and 356 mm on the rear axle, available as an option.

Discs CSIC do not exhibit loss of braking capacity and weigh 36 pounds less than the built-in standard brakes, enjoy the same service life as the car in normal driving conditions, while the brake pads last twice as normal tablets.

The ABS system, electronic distribution of braking force, hydraulic brake assist, the drag torque control and detection of “aquaplaning” are fitted as standard.

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